Travelling with your dog

Posted in Dog Tips by Ulysse Bastian on 12 Mar 2015


travelling with your dog

Last week, in going on holiday with your dog, I talked about how to organize your holiday with your dog. This week I want to take a look at the different means of locomotion you may need to tackle when travelling with your dog.

Travelling with your dog by car

If you need to travel with a dog by car here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Stop every two / three hours so that your dog can stretch his legs
  • Be careful when you open the door that your dog doesn’t bolt, open your door gently and hold him or her by the leash.
  • Never leave your dog in your car in the sun, even with the windows open, even if the vehicle is cool the vehicle temperature can reach 70 ° C in less than a half hour
  • Do not let your dog get its head out the car window, this can be dangerous for him.
  • Do not forget that the greatest is dehydration, take a water bowl or bottle

By Taxi

Travelling with your dog can be quite tricky like when you want to take a taxi. Taxi drivers can refuse to take dogs

It’s best to reserve by phone and ask if they accept dogs, specify the size of your dog in order to facilitate transport, some taxis can make you pay extra

Train or bus

For small dogs under 6kg – It’s best to have a small bag so your dog can rest, and will not be annoyed by other passengerstravel with a dog

For big dogs over 6kg – Your dog must be on a leash and keep a muzzle to hand because you may have to muzzle your dog. I take the train almost every day with Lucky and I have only been asked once to muzzle him (which is really pointless as my dog only wants to give kisses)

By boat

During your vacation, if you decide to take the boat with your dog remember to keep your dog leashed (so that he can’t run overboard) and you must pick up his droppings. Most cruises do not allow dogs

By plane

Finally the plane – I would keep this as a last resort, this is definitely not my favourite. Most airline companies refuse your dog in cabin or in the hold. If the company accepts dogs, you will have to pay a special fee and buy a special cage adapted for plane transport.

For all modes of transport – here are some general tips you should keep in mind:

You should have your name and phone number on his collar just in case

Always have your dog’s passport with you when travelling with your dog. And make sure your dog is up to date with his latest vaccines. If your pet is particularly fearful, nervous or sensitive there are some remedies that claim to to help calm them (but check with your vet first).

If you have to buy a cage it’s best to buy it early and let your dog get familiar with it at home.Don’t forget to put comfy cushions inside, this will help them get used to it, and when the big day arrives they will not fear the confinement and will settle down to sleep

Remember to bring toys and familiar items like your dog’s blanket.

And to bring an extra stock of his favorite food. It is important not to change your dog feeding times when travelling with your dog, this could have give your dog stomach problems

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This post was written by:

Ulysse Bastian

Ulysse, who works at Bob & Lush in Switzerland, waited for his current companion, Lucky, for two years, as he is a rare Shiba Inu. But, it was worth the wait! Lucky is always happy and brightens up the office everyday with his silliness.


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