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Made from 100% natural Salmon Skins
Healthy and natural
No rubbish ingredients. No grain, no sweeteners, no artificial preservatives.
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Scrumptious Salmon Bites

How often do you feed your dog treats that you don’t really know what the ingredients are? Most dog treats on the market today are packed full of additives so It’s no wonder that allergies are rampant among our canine companions. Rubbish ingredients like “vegetable derivatives”, soy, and grains are common in ordinary “dog food treats”!

We use only a one-source protein and 100% natural ingredients in all our treats like our new Salmon Bites; these are made with 100% natural salmon skins.

We have made it that little bit easier for you to find the best with our Scrumptious Salmon Bites, Packed full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 they are fantastic for your dog's coat and overall health and well being. They are a nutritious bite size snack made from 100% natural salmon skins with a crisp crunch that will also help to clean teeth.

Unlike most dog foods products, Bob & Lush provides simple, wholesome, and tasty goodness. Our Salmon Bites are made of 100% natural salmon skins. Analysing them further, you’ll find 48.4% protein, 43.7% Crude Oil & Fat, 6.0% Crude Ash, 0.1% Crude Fibres. That’s it. No sweeteners, no grain products and no “vegetable derivatives”.

What’s in the food?

Composition: 100% natural salmon skins.

What are the stats?

Analytical constituents: 48.4% protein, 43.7% Crude Oil & Fat, 6.0% Crude Ash, 0.1% Crude Fibres

It's amazing to see how much healthier Lush is now she eats Bob & Lush every day