The Bob & Lush Trainers' Club

We love dogs. Our passion for our animals is the primary reason we have created high quality dog food to share with other owners who love their furry friends just as much as we do.

Skilled dog trainers and breeders understand the importance of a healthy diet from the very beginning of a puppy’s life. Many of these trainers and breeders have turned to Bob & Lush dog food for the dogs they train and breed.

Benefits of the Bob & Lush Trainer’s Club

Becoming a member of our Trainer’s Club has multiple benefits for you as a trainer and for your clients:

  • You get over 60% off the price of all your personal orders
  • You get free puppy and adult gift boxes for your clients
  • Your clients get 50% off their first order if they choose automated order
  • For each initial order made by one of your clients, we will give YOU a £20 bonus!

Our gift boxes contain some of our most popular products. In each box you and your clients will get to try:

  • 100g of Bob & Lush Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes & Peas
  • 100g of Bob & Lush Premium Lamb Wet Food with Carrots
  • A Bob & Lush leaflet
  • A gift certificate for 50% off an initial automated order!

Register today

Registration for our Trainer’s Club is quick and easy. You may register via our website by completing a short form or you may call us at 0207 305 7166 (Monday–Friday, 9–6PM). We are always happy to help you with any questions you may have about our Trainer’s Club, or any of our dog products.

Join the Trainers' Club today
It's amazing to see how much healthier Lush is now she eats Bob & Lush every day