Amazing healthy treats with 100% meat

All good dogs deserve a yummy treat. That’s why we give away a free bag of treats with every order of our food! And not just any treat, our treats all are 100% meat and nothing else whatsoever. Even Lush spotting a squirrel in a tree will choose a seriously tasty duck breast instead!

Long-lasting Antler Chew

Great for cleaning dogs’ and puppies’ teeth, a long-lasting antler chew is fantastic for keeping your dog busy! Your dog will chew down slowly to the tasty marrow. Learn more

Crunchy Tripe Chews

Treat your dog to some quality home time with these crunchy tripe chews. Dried till crispy, they are full of healthy nutrients and cleanse your dog’s teeth and gums. Learn more

Seriously Tasty Duck Breasts

Caution these duck breasts are seriously tasty! Easy to feed while on a walk, these bite size pieces of chewable duck breasts make for a meaty and tasty natural treat. Learn more

Yummy Ox Livers

These small pieces of liver are fantastic for training or just as yummy treats. Learn more

Venison Sausage Pieces

Tasty bite size pieces of venison sausage, great to give any time as a treat or reward. Learn more

Scrumptious Salmon Bites

These are made with 100% natural salmon skins. Learn more

All dogs deserve to have a treat once in a while. That’s why Bob & Lush have created a great range of natural dog treats! With Bob & Lush yummy dog treats, your dog will be the getting a tasty reward, while still enjoying the healthy goodness. We are proud to offer the following healthy treats for your dog:

  • Antler Chew
  • Tripe Chews
  • Duck Breast
  • Ox liver
  • Venison Sausage Pieces

Usually when you think of dog treats, you think of a food that is considered to be unhealthy. Thanks to Bob & Lush, this isn’t the case.

Made with 100% meat

Quality meat is a key element to your dog’s health. All of our yummy dog treats are made with 100% pure meat—absolutely nothing else! So each time you give your dog a treat from Bob & Lush, you know that you are treating them to something special, as well as protecting their health.

Our healthy dog treats include Crunchy Tripe Chews. This 100% beef tripe leaves dog’s begging for more! Give this treat to your dog for not only its yummy goodness, but for its high protein content, fat, fibre, and moisture.

Other healthy treats for your dog

Long-lasting Antler Chew Rather than give your dog a bone, reach for one of our long lasting antler chews. This handy treat will keep your dog busy for hours. All the while, he will be cleaning his teeth without even knowing it. This chew will take a while for your dog to finish as he chews right down to the tasty marrow.

Easy to feed dog treats offered by Bob & Lush include our duck breast and ox liver. Our Seriously Tasty Duck Breasts are bite-sized and are made from 100% duck. That means no artificial preservatives, no colourings, and absolutely no sweeteners. The small pieces make them perfect for small dog breeds.

Our other gourmet dog treats such as yummy ox liver and venison sausage pieces are both made from 100% meat with none of the other empty ingredients commonly found in other dog treat brands.

Use for walks or training

Dog treats are the perfect item to carry with you on walks. They are quick and easily fed to dogs while you are still moving.

Giving treats to your dog also serves as an excellent reward during training time. When your dog has a successful training session, giving them immediate gratification will quickly make them understand that they have done something correctly.

Be prepared—they may keep showing success at training simply so they can get a yummy treat afterward!

Ox livers

Reward Your Dog with a Treat from Bob & Lush

Whether you are rewarding your dog for a job well done or simply treating your baby to something special, choosing a snack for your dog is easy with natural dog treats from Bob & Lush. With so many varieties to choose from, your dog will be satisfied, while still maintaining a healthy diet.

Order yummy dog treats for your furry friend today!

It's amazing to see how much healthier Lush is now she eats Bob & Lush every day