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About Us

The Bob & Lush website will be closing on the 31st of December 2022. Please head to to place a new order or set up a repeat order for your Bob and Lush foods. If you need further assistance, please contact us at

We created Bob & Lush for our own dogs

We started Bob & Lush for our own dogs – called Bob and Lush – because they were both ill with allergies and we could not find a decent food for them.

We didn't want to feed our dogs junk full of grains and sweeteners. We also figured lots of people would feel the same.

So, we set out to create a dramatically better and more healthy food for dogs. One full of fresh meat and totally free of rubbish. These are the promises we made:

Bob & Lush's promises to you (and your dog!)

1. We do everything we can to make our food 100% healthy goodness

Finding healthy food for dogs can be a daunting task. Sadly, so much dog food today is full of fillers and cheap ingredients of dubious nutritional value. Some of it might even cause harm, like allergies. Indeed, both Bob and Lush were ill on big brand commercial foods.

We are proud to be different. To make our dogs healthy, we make sure to put no rubbish in our food. There are no cereals or other cheap fillers in Bob & Lush. Absolutely no grains, rice, wheat, soy, corn or other cheap fillers whatsoever. No sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives.

Our food is properly hypoallergenic. We use only one type of meat to create a true exclusion diet, because this dramatically reduces the chance of allergies. So, when we say "duck" we really mean duck. Also, we steer well clear of common allergens like dairy or eggs in our food. Because crafting healthy food for dogs is about more than just adding nutrients.

2. We always use the best ingredients we can find, which means lots of fresh meat and proper vegetables

We put lots of fresh meat in our food. Our duck kibble is more than half (60%) duck and our lamb wet a whopping 70% lamb. Because that´s the way Bob and Lush like it, and we are sure your dogs will agree.

We use proper vegetables like potatoes, peas and carrots. They are excellent nutrition and easy to digest. And we choose only the best ingredients because we know our dogs are worth it.

3. We will make it tasty

Is your dog a fussy eater? Well, don´t blame him or her. If you read the label you wouldn't want to eat most dog food either.

When Lush first got a taste of Bob & Lush she got so excited she started looking for extra food under her bowl each meal. And Bob, a bit of a fusspot, lapped it up too. Obvious maybe, given all the fresh meat and juicy vegetables we put in, but at Bob & Lush we also have a couple of special tricks up our sleeve.

First, we coat our kibble in duck livers for that extra yum factor. And boy do dogs love liver!

Second, our kibble is made to mix with our super tasty lamb wet food for a scrumptious dinner. Mixing in the wet convinces the fussiest of fusspots.

Oh, and all our treats are 100% meat! Which is something worth coming back for. Even Lush spotting a squirrel in a tree will choose a Bob & Lush treat instead.

It is possible to find healthy food for dogs, and you never have to settle. If you demand the best for your dogs, shop Bob & Lush today.