Gravy trial pack

Gravy trial pack

Amazing Alpine Sausages


All new Amazing Alpine Sausages. They'll go down a treat!

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Only the best for your best friend!

Here at Bob & Lush, we wanted to source our dogs' food naturally so we knew they were getting the best - they certainly deserve it!

Over the years, we've always been on the hunt for new delicious dog dinners and snacks. Now we're happy to introduce the latest member of our treat family: Amazing Alpine Sausages.

How often do you feed your dog treats that you don’t really know what the ingredients are? Most dog treats on the market today are packed full of additives so it’s no wonder that allergies are rampant among our canine companions. Rubbish ingredients like “vegetable derivatives”, soy, and grains are common in ordinary “dog food treats”!

So, what's the secret ingredient that turns these Amazing Alpine Sausages into the tastiest of treats? Nothing! We use only a one-source protein and 100% natural ingredients in all our treats.

100% natural and 100% successful in taste tests!