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Roast Chicken with Healthy Veg

Roast Chicken with Healthy Veg

Gravy trial pack

  • TRIAL PACK OF BOB & LUSH GRAVY. Contains three 80ml pouches of gravy
  • BOB & LUSH GRAVY. Make every day special for your dog by adding a splash of gravy
  • PORTION SIZE POUCHES. Just pour over your dog's food
  • DEVELOPED BY A SAUCIER CHEF. Gourmet sauce using techniques normally reserved for humans
  • 100% SUCCESFULL IN TASTE TESTS. When offered to dogs that normally only eat human food, all our test dogs ate Bob & Lush kibble and wet food with with gravy
  • EVERYDAY CELEBRATION. Your dog will love it
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Bob & Lush Gravy trial pack

Outragously tasty sauce for dogs - Bob & Lush Gravy

Bob & Lush Gravy is an outrageously tasty sauce for dogs. It comes in protion sized pouches to pour over each meal.

Gourmet sauce made by a saucier chef

Bob & Lush gravy was developed by a saucier chef using gourmet techniques normally reserved for humans only.

100% Succesfull in taste tests

In taste tests with extremely fussy dogs that refuse everything but human food, 100% of dogs ate Bob & Lush kibble and wet food once we poured Bob & Lush Gravy over it. All testing was done with dogs in their own homes and by their loving families, obviously.

Make every day special

Bob & Lush kibble is made for everyday celebration. It is the simplest way to make every day special for your dog.

Ideal for fussy eaters

  • Fussy eaters
  • Older dogs
  • Dogs that need a little help eating medications
  • Puppies that are teethng and prefer soft kibbles
  • As a special training treat