The Bob & Lush Breeders' Club

Bob & Lush makes food for the dogs we love. Our tastier dog food revolution gives dogs everywhere better quality food, with lots of fresh meat and no rubbish ingredients.

That's why we are used by some of the best breeders in the business - breeders who recognize the importance of feeding their dogs good food from the start of their lives.

Our breeder scheme is very simple, you get over 35% off the price of all our food and your dog's get 100% Pure Goodness; deliciously tasty and healthy food delivered to your doorstep.

Fantastic benefits for you

Join the Bob & Lush Breeders' Club and we will reward you with these fantastic benefits:

  • Get 35% off all your orders over £100
  • Free next-day delivery on all orders


So that your puppies don't leave the house without their Bob & Lush we will give you free weaning food and Puppy Packs to give to new owners.

Our Puppy Packs contain:

  • 100g of our Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes & Peas
  • 100g of our Premium Lamb Wet Food with Carrots
  • A 50% off your first order voucher!


What we'd like from you

If you would like to join the Bob & Lush Breeders' Club, all we ask is that:
You have one or more breeding bitches.
You agree to give our free Puppy Packs to all new puppy owners, and kindly return the owner’s details to us.
You are registered with an appropriate body (e.g. Kennel Club).
You love dogs as much as we do!

Ready to go? Great! Just register online here.

Join the Breeders' Club

Alternatively if you have any questions, or if you want to register over the phone, please call 0207 305 7166 (Monday – Friday 9-6pm).
We'd be happy to help you.