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Made from 100% dried beef tripe
Healthy and natural
No rubbish ingredients. No grain, no sweeteners, no artificial preservatives.
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Crunchy tripe chews

100% dried beef tripe

How often do you read a list of ingredients on a treat for your dog without finding a slew of unhealthy additives? It’s no wonder that allergies are rampant among our canine companions. Rubbish ingredients like “vegetable derivatives,” soy, and grains are common in ordinary “dog food”! On the other hand, our tripe chews are made out of 100% dried beef tripe.

Bob & Lush’s tripe chews contain 63.5% protein, 13% fat, 4.7% fibre and 9% moisture. There are no sweeteners, no corn derivatives and no cheap fillers added to these natural dog chews. They are as nutritious as they are easy for your dogs to digest.

Tripe sticks and tripe chews can also be used to stimulate your dog to the kind of play that provides a natural outlet for their boundless energy and innate desire to hunt. Take a look at the video called "My Fulfilling Life, with Winkie Spears" for some imaginative ways to use Bob & Lush treats to have even more fun with your dogs.

Being carnivores, your dogs don’t just crave meat because it’s tasty, but because it’s so good for them, too. Order the 100% natural beef tripe chews from Bob & Lush and your pups will love you forever!


What’s in the food?

Composition: 100% Dried Beef Tripe.

What are the stats?

Analytical constituents: Protein 63.5%, Fat 13%, Fibre 4.7%, Moisture 9%.