How does your dog food compare?

Do you know what your dog is eating? Chances are if your dog is eating ordinary “dog food” then he or she is eating a great deal of grains and unnatural fillers. Bob & Lush likes to compare dog food to see how we stack up against others. Some of the brands we have compared to Bob & Lush include:

  • Eukanuba
  • Hill’s
  • Pedigree
  • Purina
  • Royal Canin

What is High Quality Dog Food?

High quality dog food - Bob & LushBob & Lush dog food was created when we noticed the lack of quality ingredients in the foods we fed our own dogs. Much of it was filled with grains and other cheap ingredients and fillers that made our dogs feel full but also gave them allergies.

Right away we decided we didn’t want our dogs to be eating junk food filled with grains and sweeteners. That’s why we created a line of food full of fresh meat and totally free of rubbish. Go ahead—take a look at our dry dog food comparison to see how we rank with other popular brands. 

How much animal product (raw material derived from an animal: fresh meat, meat meal, animal fat, animal digest and egg) does the food contain?

Bob & Lush

Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes & Peas (Adult)

60% Duck minimum made with 55% fresh duck, 3% duck fat and 2% duck digest (offal).


Adult, Small & Medium Breeds, Rich in Lamb & Rice

14% lamb minimum, 'dried chicken and turkey'*, 'dried whole egg'*, 'chicken digest'*, 'fish meal'*, 'whole egg'* plus 'fish oil'*


Science Plan, VetEssentials, Canine Adult

31% chicken minimum plus 'poultry meat meal'*, 'animal fat'*, 'digest'*, 'dried whole egg'*


Healthy vitality with beef & vegetables

Unknown. The total animal product content is made of 'meat and animal derivates(min. 4% beef in the brown kibble)' plus 'oils and fats (min. 0.2% fish oil)'


Pro Plan, Adult Original, Rich in Chicken & with Rice

20% chicken minimum plus 'dehydrated poultry protein'*, 'animal fat'*, 'digest'*, 'dried egg'* and 'fish oil'*

Royal Canin

Size Health Nutrition Medium

Unknown. The total animal product content is made of 'dehydrated poultry meat'* plus 'dehydrated beef and pork protein'*, 'animal fats'*, 'hydrolysed animal proteins'* and 'fish oil'*

*quantity information not provided by manufacturer

What makes Bob & Lush so good?

Dogs and owners alike enjoy Bob & Lush over other brands of dog food because it is made from 100% healthy goodness. We skip the rubbish like artificial sweeteners, grains, soya, and other fillers. 

What we do focus on is making sure that your dog receives a healthy portion of fresh meat and real vegetables at every meal. We use duck meat because it is very unlikely to cause allergies. And when we say “duck” we really mean “duck”. There are no “meat meals” or other vague ingredients in Bob & Lush food. You can be sure that when you feed our food you know exactly what your dog is eating. 

Our real food with real ingredients is what makes it so good. Your dog will be all the better for it once you make the switch!

Compare dog food

As an owner, comparing dog food is very important. 

We’ve gone ahead and done the work for you by comparing our brand with some other popular brands of dog food. The results are astounding. 

We have found that Bob & Lush contains the highest percentage of meat when compared to brands like Eukanuba, Purina, Pedigree, and Iams.

When reviewing the ingredients for other brands, we found a long list of ingredients we would not feed our own dogs. We will leave you as an owner to make your own decisions, but you hope you will agree that Bob & Lush is the best. Lots of fresh meat, real vegetable and no rubbish ingredients. Just 100% healthy goodness.

Choose the best!

At Bob & Lush we make food for the dogs we love. Because we make our food for our own dogs its the absolute best we can make it. We think that means its the best food for you'd dog too. Give it a try, make the switch today!