Frequently asked questions


Q - How much should I feed my dog?

A - We have feeding guidelines on our website and on the packet. For an accurate and personalised guide, use our feeding plan calculator.


Q - Can you mix the wet and dry foods?

A - The wet and the dry food are made so that they can be mixed and compliment each other perfectly. A combination of wet and dry food can be ideal for fussy eaters as it adds an extra variety of textures and flavours. It is also a good way to ensure your dog gets the optimum level of calories each day


Q - Can the wet and dry foods be served separately or must they be mixed?

A - Both our wet and dry food contain all the essential nutrients your dog needs. They are complete and balanced diets in their own right and can be fed alone. They are also made to complement each other perfectly if you mix.


Q - What is the calorie content of your food?

A - Our 60% Fresh Duck Kibble contains 355 calories per 100g. Our 60% Fresh Duck Kibble for Puppies and juniors is 386 calories per 100g. Our adult wet food pouches are 123 calories per 100g. Our puppy wet food pouches are also 123 calories per 100g. Our Light and Tasty range of kibble and wet food has 30% less calories per cup than the equivalent classic kibble or wet food.


Q - At what age of my dog can I start getting the adult instead of the Puppy?

A - We normally recommend switching to adult food when your dog is one year old, but this can be a little earlier for smaller dogs or later for bigger breeds.


Q - What is the difference between Puppy and Adult food?

A - There are two main differences between 60% Fresh Duck Kibble for Puppies and Juniors and 60% Fresh Duck Kibble for adults. One is the level of protein and the other is the size of the kibble. The puppy kibble has 28.5% protein and the adult kibble has 25%. The overall ingredients, recipe and taste of the foods are very similar. The puppy kibble is smaller so it is easier for a puppy to eat.


Q - The amount to feed a puppy is more than an adult dog, is this right?

A - Yes this is correct, puppies grow rapidly and because of this they require more calories and essential nutrients than adult dogs.


Q - My dog is very small, can I feed him/her puppy kibble, as the size is better suited.

A - There are two main differences between 60% Fresh Duck Kibble for Puppies and Juniors and 60%Fresh Duck Kibble for adult, one is the level of protein and the other is the size of the kibble. The puppy kibble has 28.5% protein and the adult kibble has 25%. The overall ingredients, recipe and taste of the foods are very similar. The other main difference is that the kibble is roughly half the size so may be suited better to some small breed and toy breed dogs. There is no harm in feeding puppy kibble to your adult dog if it is easier for them to eat.


Q - I ordered the wrong food, can I return it?

A - Yes, you can swap your food for the correct item. There is a return delivery charge and you can choose to have parcels collected from your door or you can take them to a DPD PickUp shop if you prefer.


Q - Are the treats 100 % natural?

A - All of our treats are 100% meat and 100% natural.


Q - How long will delivery of my order take?

A - We offer a fantastic next day delivery service, which is free for all Love on repeat orders over £30.

From Monday to Friday, if you place your order before 4pm you will receive your order the following working day.

If you made a Love on Repeat order and chose Saturday or Sunday as your favourite delivery day then first orders placed from Monday until Thursday will arrive the next day, and first orders placed on Friday by 4pm will arrive on Saturday or Sunday (depending on what you chose).

If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday it will be packed and shipped out on Monday, to arrive on Tuesday.

Saturday and Sunday delivery are free for Love on Repeat orders over £30. These are sent out from our office on Friday before 4pm. If you are making a first Love on Repeat delivery during the week and want delivery on a Saturday or Sunday, please email us and let us know exactly when you would like it.


Q - I live in the Channel Islands/Northern Ireland/remote parts of Scotland; will this impact delivery times and prices

A - We try to make it simple and affordable for everyone to purchase our healthy dog food in the UK. Unfortunately, in some of the more remote areas of the UK it is not possible for our independent courier operate the next day service or weekend delivery service. Also, to these locations delivery normally takes two days after we ship it from our office. Delivery charges are generally a little more expensive. We take these things into account when working out when to ship your food. As a Love on Repeat customer you can still choose a favourite day to receive your food (though not Saturday or Sunday). Any cost impact will be reflected in your cart before check out.


Q - My dog has allergies: will Bob & Lush food be ok?

A - Bob & Lush food is completely hypoallergenic. All our recipes are exclusion diets with one source of animal protein only. We use no grains in any of our products and all our food is gluten free. All our food is natural and we use no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colourants.


Q - Is Bob & Lush suitable for older dogs?

A - Yes Bob & Lush contains only high quality ingredients and is excellent for dogs of all ages.


Q - What is the best way to move my dog onto Bob & Lush from another brand of dog food?

A - Swapping food can upset dog tummies. We would recommend mixing Bob & Lush food with your old brand for a few days to give your dog has a smooth transition.


Q - Can you mix raw food with Bob & Lush?

A - Bob and Lush is suitable as part of a mixed diet, but we would recommend that it is served as a separate meal and that you leave at least four hours between the meals.


Q - What is the shelf life of Bob & Lush food?

A - The shelf life of our food is eighteen months. All our packs have a best before date.


Q - How long can I leave Bob & Lush 70% Lamb Wet once I have opened the sachet/tin?

A - We would recommend storing opened pouches in a refrigerator and using within 24 hours.