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Made from 100% natural antlers
Healthy and natural
No rubbish ingredients. No grain, no sweeteners, no artificial preservatives
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100% natural antlers

Nothing makes your dog happier than something tasty and juicy to chew on. Not only does our antler chews satisfy your dog's inherent instinct to gnaw, chomp, and tear, but it’s good for their teeth and jaws too. When selecting a dog chew, it’s important to consider factors that will maximize the benefits it will provide for your pup. The antler dog chew from Bob & Lush satisfies your dog - and much more!

The Long-lasting Antler Chew lives up to the Bob & Lush standards of providing nutrition and taste as well as chewing enjoyment. It contains no grain, cereal, artificial chemicals, sweeteners, or “vegetable derivatives” (whatever those are). Plus, it doesn’t need emulsifiers to hold it together. It’s just all-natural 100% antler. Being composed of true bone, it’s sure to please any pup or dog.

Your dogs will gnaw on the antler dog chew to their hearts’ content, leaving your furniture, carpet corners, and slippers alone. Antler chews for dogs last far longer than the artificial treats created by many dog food companies, making them excellent value.

Your dogs can dream of the great outdoors and the hunting days of their ancestors as they enjoy this healthy, natural, long-lasting treat.

What’s in the food?

Composition: 100% Natural antler.