60% Delicious Duck Kibble for Puppies and Juniors

60% Delicious Duck Kibble for Puppies and Juniors

60% Delicious Duck Kibble

60% Delicious Duck Kibble

70% Luscious Lamb Wet

  • BOB & LUSH GRAVY. Make every day special for your dog by adding a splash of gravy
  • NATURAL FOOD. No gluten, grain, artificial preservatives or sweeteners
  • COMPLETE FOOD. With everything your dog needs
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Bob & Lush makes delicious food for dogs. With 100% freshly prepared meat and outrageously tasty gravy

At Bob & Lush we make delicious food for dogs, from 100% Freshly prepared meat. All our food comes with the option to add our outrageously tasty Bob & Lush Gravy. Because a splash of gravy makes every day special.

Our food is natural, grain free and completely free from artifical preservatives, sweeteners and colorants. It is made with 100% freshly prepared meat, because only the finest ingredients will do for the dogs we love.

Bob & Lush Gravy - Outragously tasty sauce for dogs

Bob & Lush Gravy is an outrageously tasty sauce for dogs that comes in protion sized pouches to pour over each meal. It was developed by a saucier chef using gourmet techniques normally reserved for humans only. In taste tests with extremely fussy dogs that refuse everything but human food, 100% ate Bob & Lush kibble and wet food once we poured Bob & Lush Gravy over it. All testing was done with dogs in their own homes and by their loving families, obviously.

Bob & Lush is the best quality food your dog can get.

70% lamb in this recipe.

We all know that dogs love meat, that’s why our pouches contain the maximum amount of fresh meat possible. We don’t use rendered meats or derivatives but whole chunks of lamb.

No harmful ingredients

  • NO artificial preservatives
  • NO colourings
  • NO sweeteners
  • NO soya
  • NO wheat
  • NO eggs
  • NO dairy 

It’s packed full of 100% goodness instead, with vitamins, minerals, yeast, linseed, yucca extract, prebiotics and amino acids.

Properly hypoallergenic with only one source of meat

This kibble is hypoallergenic. This means our food has a lower tendency to provoke an allergic reaction in your dog. Not only that, but many dogs are allergic to common types of meat (like chicken and beef), and so we’ve also gone the extra mile to ensure that the only meat in this kibble is fresh duck. You can be sure that you are not feeding your dog ‘hidden’ meats with generic names such as ‘poultry meal’, ‘meat by-products’ or ‘animal derivatives’.

Made to mix with dry

This wet food has been crafted to go perfectly with Bob & Lush’s 60% duck kibble. By mixing the two together your dog will enjoy the best of both worlds. Our dry kibble is good for the teeth and is a complete food with everything your dog needs. Our wet food is a complete super tasty food that will make a meal worth tail-wagging about.

What’s in the food?

In detail: Lamb meat, Lamb heart, Lamb liver, Lamb tripe (together 70%), Lamb broth (23%), Carrots (5%), Minerals (1%), Linseed oil (1%).


  • 70% Fresh Lamb - Lamb meat, Lamb heart, Lamb liver, Lamb tripe: High quality fresh lamb - easy to digest and a great protein source
  • Lamb broth (23%): juicy lamb gravy making the food tasty and delicious
  • Carrots (5%): gentle fibre source
  • Minerals (1%): essential to provide a complete balanced diet
  • Linseed oil (1%): contains omega 3 oils that may help provide a shiny coat

What else have we put in it?

In detail: Additives (per kg): Vitamins: Vitamin A 3000IU, Vitamin D3 200IU, Vitamin E 30mg. Trace elements: Zinc sulphate monohydrate 15mg, Manganese sulphate monohydrate 3mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 0.8mg, Sodium selenite 0.03mg. Technical additive (gelling agent): Cassia gum 1,000mg.


  • Vitamin A: Necessary for vision; growth; immune function; foetal development; cellular differentiation; healthy skin and coat
  • Vitamin D3: Maintenance of mineral status; skeletal development; phosphorus balance; necessary to absorb calcium in the intestine
  • Vitamin E: Defense against oxidative damage
  • Trace elements: Technical additive (gelling agent): Cassia gum: this is a natural gelling agent to help thicken the product

What are the stats?

In detail: Analytical constituents: Crude protein 12%, Crude oils and fats 8%, Crude ash 2%, Crude fibres 0.4%, Moisture 74%, Calcium 0.4%, Phosphorus 0.3%.