Meet the team

Meet The Team - Anders


Anders is the CEO and founder of Bob & Lush. Basically, he’s the top dog!
Anders decided to start his own brand of dog food when his German Shorthair Pointer Lush developed allergies to the food she was eating. Anders wanted to make Lush happier by giving her better food, and he wanted to know exactly what he was feeding her, because other dog food labels were far too complicated.
Anders, who is originally from Norway, lives with his wife Chloe (and Lush!) in Barcelona, Spain.

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Meet The Team - Andrew


Andrew runs our office in Consett, getting our food to your door as quickly as he can. He is a dedicated fitness junky and loves to play fight with the various office dogs when he gets a few minutes to relax.

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Meet The Team - Kay


Kay has been with Bob & Lush almost from the get go. A qualified Landscape Architect and co-owner of Mimi, her five year old Lab Retriever, Kay brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the team.

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Meet The Team - Kim


Kim works alongside Andrew making sure we deliver the best service we can. The proud owner of two Alaskan Malamutes, including a new puppy called Ivan, who is now the favourite feature of the Bob & Lush office.

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Meet The Team - Caroline


Caroline works at Bob & Lush and has loved dogs ever since she could remember. She runs communications with trainers and is passionate about understanding exactly what makes dogs tick. She currently lives very happily with her adopted dog Andra, who is very much the centre of her life.