Bob & Lush short films about loving dogs

We just love dogs and so do the trainers that are members of our club. Now we know a thing or two about dogs, but we are blown away by all the amazing things our trainers do. So sit back and enjoy our short films. We bet you will love watching them.

My fulfilling life, with Winkie Spiers

Let Winkie show you how to fully engage your dog with what she calls "natural agility". Lots of fun little challenges to keep dogs mentally stimulated

Bonding with your dog - by teaching it cool tricks, with Dima Yeremenko

Dima shows how to build a great relationship with your dog by learning some really amazing tricks together. Watch and have fun!

My best start in life, with Janet Garrett

Just got a puppy, or just love watching puppies. Janet is the perfect guide to giving your pup the best possible start in life.


Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and we are certain you feel the same about yours. That is why Bob & Lush have put together a series of short films from trainers that are members of our trainers club. These films are dedicated to loving dogs. We are sure you will be amazed by watching the remarkable things our trainers can do. Watch as our trainers:

  • Show off dogs’ natural agility
  • Display how to build a loving relationship with your dog
  • Demonstrate how to give your puppy a healthy start with puppy dog food

Winkie Spiers shows how to challenge your dog

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated will add a little spice to both of your lives. Our short film focuses on Winkie Spiers, dog trainer and member of the Bob & Lush trainer’s club, as she helps create amusing challenges for your dog to keep them at their sharpest.

Has your dog ever emptied your trash? Chewed on one of your favourite shoes? Most of their bad behaviour is caused by boredom. Although we may find this annoying, your dog is acting out on natural instincts. Luckily, Winkie Spiers has come to save the day (and your shoes!)

In this short film, Winkie suggest that you allow your dog to act on instinctual behaviours by using their body, nose, and exploration skills. One of the activities she displays in the film is hiding puppy dog food in outdoor areas and allowing your dog’s scavenging skills take over.

By focusing on their natural agility, your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated.

Bonding with your dog

Our dog trainer Dima Yeremenko is focused on building a loving relationship with your four legged friend. He is adamant about how a strong bond between owner and dog can have an effect on behaviour and following instructions.

Watch as Dima explains the key to proper communication and how to make each training session a step-by-step process. From the magical use of puppy dog food treats to specific dog tricks, Dima will take you through a process to create an everlasting rapport with your best friend using the hand-feeding method.

Puppies must get the best start in life

Puppies certainly are special, and they require special training and care in the first year of life. Bob & Lush trainer, Janet Garrett, guides you in the right direction to ensure your puppy’s first year gives him or her the right start in life.

It is common for puppies to be afraid of many things such as car rides and other dogs. Janet Garrett shows how to make these potentially frightening experiences positive so your puppy will grow accustomed to them as they get older. From socialising with other puppies and adults to giving puppies little challenges, Janet Garrett shows you how to get your puppy off to the right start.

Bob & Lush short films

Whether you are looking for the right way to reward your dog with puppy dog food or looking to strengthen your bond with the little furball, we hope you have learned something and enjoyed our short films!