How does your puppy food compare?

Puppies are more than little dogs. These new creatures need special care and nutrition for the first year of life. Ensure that you are making the healthiest decisions for your puppy and compare puppy food. We don´t want to make the decision for you, but we think that once you have reviewed the facts you will agree that Bob & Lush, with lots of fresh meat and real vegetables, provides the most nutritious option for your puppy.

We have taken the guesswork out of comparing foods by taking some of the most popular brands of dog food and checking the content for you. Some of the brands that were compared against Bob & Lush are:

  • Pedigree
  • Purina
  • Eukanub
  • Hill’s
  • Royal Canin

Like humans, puppies and older dogs need proper nutrition. We would not feed our own dogs grains (as they often cause allergies) and artificial sweeteners (which can make your dog hyper-active). What we found in our comparison may surprise you.

What did Bob & Lush compare?

We know that proper nutrition means that puppies need to eat real food. That means that they need quality meats and vegetables, and we definitely would not feed any rubbish like grains, sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

Our dry puppy food comparison chart took a look at how much animal product each food contains.  To us, animal product means any raw material derived from an animal: fresh meat, meat meal, animal fat, animal digest, and egg.

How much animal product (raw material derived from an animal: fresh meat, meat meal, animal fat, animal digest and egg) does the food contain?


Bob & Lush

Premium Duck Kibble with
Potatoes & Peas (Puppy & Junior)

60% Duck minimum made with 55% fresh duck, 4% duck fat and 1% duck digest (offal).


Puppy 1-12 month, Medium Breed
Rich in Chicken

28% dried chicken and turkey minimum plus "animal fat* " , "dried whole egg* "
"chicken digest* " and "fish oil* "


Science Plan, Puppy,
Lamb & Rice

35% lamb meal minimum , "animal fat* " , " digest* " plus "fish oil* "


Puppy growth & protection
with chicken & rice

Unknown. The total animal product content is made of "meat and animal derivatives (min 4% chicken in the brown kibble)" plus "oils and fats (min 0.6% fish oil)"


Pro Plan, Adult Original,
Rich in Chicken & with Rice

20% chicken minimum plus "dehydrated poultry protein* ", "animal fat* ", "digest* ", "dried egg* " and "fish oil* "

Royal Canin

Medium Started, Mother &
Baby Dog

Unknown. The total animal product content is made of "dehydrated poultry meat* ", plus "animal fats* ", "hydrolysed animal proteins* ", "fish oil* " and "egg powder* "
* quantity information not provided by manufacturer

What did we find?

Bob & Lush emerged the clear leader with 60% meat in our Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes and Peas for puppies. This is a lot more meat than other brands. In addition, our meat is all duck. You don´t have to guess what´s in your puppies food. With Bob & Lush you know for sure that when we say “duck” and not “meat derivatives” or “meat meal” (whatever they may be).

With Bob & Lush we tell you exactly what is in our food and we spend a lot of time making sure our ingredients are as clear and easy to understand as possible. This is why you can trust Bob & Lush to provide your dog with the best 100% natural dog food.

What effect can additives have on your puppy?

We know how exciting it is to fill your home with the happiness and excitement of a new puppy. You want to make sure that your puppy becomes a strong, healthy dog. Fillers and additives in your puppy food do not get your puppy off to the right start. When you compare puppy food, you are taking the first step to make sure your puppy grows into a healthy dog.


Fillers in puppy food, particularly grains, can lead to the development of allergies and overall poor health. Not to mention expensive trips to the vet!

Help your puppy thrive by providing him with the best nutrition possible by using Bob & Lush's wholesome dog food.