Subscription Terms and Conditions


Managing your subscription

Once you have signed up to subscription, for example by taking up a subscription offer, we will automatically send your next order. The default repeat order is for the same products as your initial subscription order and will be sent 30 days after the initial order.

  • You can change what you have in your regular order whenever you like. Add, delete or amend the quantities of products in your order.
  • You can change your next delivery date whenever you like.
  • You can pause your order whenever you like.
  • You can cancel your order whenever you like.
  • You can change delivery address whenever you like.
  • You can unsubscribe whenever you like, without penalty.

Just email or phone 0207 305 7166 for more information.


  • A free dog bed worth max.79.99 GBP
  • Introductory promotions only apply to first order.
  • 10% discount on every order after that.
  • Promotions subject to availability and at the discretion of Bob & Lush.

Standard terms and conditions for payment and delivery apply