4 reasons why dog food should be super tasty

  1. Your dog´s smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than yours
  2. Tasty can also be healthy
  3. Tastier food is better for training
  4. Your dog deserves it

1. Your dog's smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than yours

Dogs are 1,000 to 10,000 times as sensitive to smells as humans are.

Where humans have about 5 million scent glands, dogs have anything from 125 million to 300 million, depending on the breed.

Which is a pretty solid reason why you should take a step back and think for a second when your “fussy eater” won´t eat the dog food you bought them.

The sad truth is that much dog food is full of cheap fillers and rubbish ingredients. That inviting looking bag of Dog Food with Chicken needs only have 4% chicken in it under EU regulations (see eating healthy section).

So the next time your dog is being fussy and refuses to eat something, consider if it smelled something you did not. And read the ingredients list on the back of the bag.

2. Tasty can also be healthy

Like with sweets and junk food for humans, you can make palatable food for dogs using lots of sugars and fats.

That´s not healthy and make sure you pick a diet for your dog that has no artificial sweeteners in it. Colourants and sweeteners make dogs hyper, like sweets make kids bounce off the ceiling.

But, there is another way to make super tasty and very healthy dog food. It´s also very simple. Dogs are carnivores and are healthiest when they eat a diet rich in quality meat. Dogs also love the taste of meat.

So if your dog is a fussy eater, we recommend choosing a diet with tons of fresh meat in it. Go for a diet with at least 50% meat. We are sure your dog will love it. And love you for it.

3. Tastier food is better for training

Feeding a super tasty food is essential to effective training.

If every kibble is a juicy treat then you can use your dog´s normal food for training. The big advantage of this is you can do a lot more repetitions than if you use calorific treats.

Check out how one of the Bob & Lush trainers Dima uses Bob & Lush kibble and hand feeding with his dogs here

4. Your dog deserves it

We think every dog deserves to have a super tasty meal.

Giving your best friend poor quality kibble made from cheap fillers and rubbish ingredients is no way to reward his or hers love.

Go on, give your dog a food worth tail wagging about!