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Made from 100% venison
Healthy and natural
No rubbish ingredients. No grain, no sweeteners, no artificial preservatives
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100% Venison

There’s nothing more important than having good health. So it stands to reason that dog owners would want their canine friends to enjoy the best health possible. That’s why we got started here at Bob & Lush, because our own pets were having allergic reactions to some of the ingredients in their foods.

Everyone who has taken a basic science class knows that dogs, like their cousins the wolves, are born and bred meat-eaters. And yet, most ordinary “dog food” contains a very small amount of actual meat! On the other hand, the venison dog chews from Bob & Lush have one ingredient only: venison!

To keep your dog happy and healthy, keep a bag of venison dog chews on hand so you can give your best friend a well deserved treat, both content and worry-free.

These venison dog treats are also useful for dog obedience or puppy training class. Take a look at this film titled, “My best start in life” with dog trainer and behaviourist Janet Garrett. You’ll learn about some of the life situations that puppies need to be trained to deal with. Having the best, all-meat, natural venison dog chews from Bob & Lush as a reward will make the training experience as enjoyable as it is memorable for your dog. Order some venison sausage pieces for your wonderful dogs today, and they’ll have a treat that’s tasty and healthy to eat!

What’s in the food?

Composition: 100% Venison.

What are the stats?

Analytical constituents: Protein 54%, Oils and Fat 26%, Moisture 14%, Ash 6%.