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Broccoli & Turmeric Natural Defence

Broccoli & Turmeric Natural Defence

Yummy Ox Livers

These small pieces of liver are fantastic for training or just as yummy treats.
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100% Ox Liver

It seems like with most ordinary “dog food”, the picture on the front might be appealing, and the main description might lead some to believe that the item is chock-full of meat. Ads might even show a healthy dog loving the product, but once you read the ingredients list the food turns out to be a lot less appealing.

These yummy liver dog treats from Bob & Lush are made from one ingredient only: dried ox livers. When you analyze it further, you see that the ox liver contains 51% protein, 9% fat, 20% moisture, 9% carbohydrate, 4% ash and 7% fibre. With our liver treats for dogs, what you see is what you get.

If you are wondering whether the treats you feed your pup are the best possible for him or her, consider the following questions. Is he looking his very best? Does he have a shiny coat and clear skin free from rashes or irritation? Are his stools good? Is he bouncy and playful? If any of these descriptions do not fit with your Fido, he may be having allergic reactions to some of the non-meat items in his foods. Dried liver treats for dogs are just one of the specialties Bob & Lush keeps on hand for our beloved carnivores. Made out of 100% ox liver, you need not fear any allergic reactions will follow.

Know what you’re feeding your pups. Buy them some liver dog treats from Bob & Lush and they’ll thank you in their own special way.