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Check out our amazing 55% duck kibble and 70% lamb wet food. Meaty and healthy food for your adult dog.

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Welcome, dog lovers! We know that your dog is your best friend—that's why we have created a super premium dog food that is 100% healthy goodness and 100% delicious. Our tasty products that will satiate your dog's appetite include 55% Duck Kibble food, 70% Lamb Wet food, healthy dog treats and sample boxes. We also carry quality food for puppies. Your dog deserves the very best, and you'll find it right here at Bob & Lush.

Super premium dog food made for the dogs we love

Most dog food is made from cheap fillers. While it may fulfill your dog's hunger, it is not fresh meat or real vegetables. Cheap fillers in dog food can cause health problems, including behavioral issues and allergies.

Bob & Lush super premium dog food was first created for our own dogs due to illness caused by big name dog foods. It was time for us to help them get healthy, while helping other dog owners experiencing the same issues. The result was an amazing line of natural foods that your dog will love.

We strive to provide you and your dog with remarkably different quality dog food. Bob & Lush was created for our own dogs after noticing that their food was not living up to our expectations. Plagued by health problems, we knew that our dogs, who are our company's namesakes, needed a healthier lifestyle; one that began with eating right.

Lamb WetFresh meat and real vegetables

We know the health benefits that fresh meat and real vegetables have on humans. It is no surprise to learn that these same benefits can be seen in dogs that eat the same natural foods.

Duck KibbleMost pet owners are not able to list the ingredients that are in their dog's food. With Bob & Lush's super premium dog food, you'll never be left guessing what your dog is eating. Our high quality ingredients ensure that your dog only gets the best!

Foods such as our Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes and Peas are tailored to your dog's needs. With 55% duck in the recipe and at least 31% vegetables, your dog will be getting the protein, carbohydrates, fats, and oils needed to fuel his or her day. In addition to what the foods contain, it is also important to know what they do not contain. Our Duck Kibble is grain free. It is also free of artificial preservatives, colouring, sweeteners, soya, wheat, eggs, and dairy.

Healthy dog treatsYummy treats that are actually healthy

No dog should have to go without healthy and tasty dog treats.  Like our food, all of our delicious dog treats are natural. In fact, they are made with 100% meat and absolutely nothing else! Treats such as Bob & Lush Crunchy Tripe Chews will have your dog drooling for more. Dried until they are crispy, these scrumptious snacks not only taste great, but have the benefit of cleansing your dog's teeth and gums.

Other treat flavours such as ox, duck breast, venison, and antler chew are sure to healthily satisfy your dog. Treat your dog to the best!


It's your dog's canine right to eat Bob & Lush... not dog food!