Dog dreams are made with 100% fresh meat


Because we created Bob & Lush for our own dogs, it is also the best for yours

Healthy Dog FoodHealthy Dog Food Made With 100% Fresh Meat


Only the best is good enough for our dogs

Because we love our dogs, and we made our food for them, our food is made with 100% fresh meat.
We do not - unlike nearly every other dog food brand – take any short cuts. We do not use any meat meals, meat derivatives or other rubbish. Just proper fresh meat.

If we won't feed an ingredient to our own dogs, we won't feed it to yours

We don't use rubbish ingredients. Our ingredients are real and easy to understand. We won’t pull the wool over your eyes pretending “hydrolyzed poultry meal” is the same as fresh duck.


Complete peace of mind you made the healthy choice

Our food is completely grain and gluten free.

We use no wheat, soya or other grains.

Our food is natural and we never use artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Say goodbye to allergies

Our food is properly hypoallergenic.

It is a mono protein food with only one source of meat, so you can give your dog an exclusion diet. That way you know you are not unknowingly feeding your dog something he or she is allergic to.


Buy from someone you can trust

We created our food for our own dogs, which is why it’s also the best for yours. Check out our amazing story here


Our story: Lush from sick puppy to healthy hound


Our customers love us.

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