Dog dreams are made with 100% fresh meat


Because we created Bob & Lush for our own dogs, it is also the best for yours

Healthy Dog FoodHealthy Dog Food Made With 100% Fresh Meat


Healthy food for dogs is made with fresh meat

We created Bob and Lush for our own dogs to make it the healthiest food we possibly could.
Made with 100% fresh meat. We do not - unlike nearly every other dog food brand - use any meat meals, meat derivatives or other rubbish.

If we won't feed an ingredient to our own dogs, we won't feed it to yours

We don't use meat meals. Quite frankly, it is just not possible to know exectly what they contain. They are made grinding down the leftovers of the butchering process. Whilst it need not be the worst thing in the world, it is unlikely to be the best thing either. It's not going in our food, as we only want the very best for our dogs.

We are so obsessed with meat quality, we will only ever use one meat protein per product

We want to make sure our dogs only eat the best. For that reason we restrict ourselves to one meat protein per product. So, in our 60% Fresh Duck, we really use duck.
Sadly, most other brands call their product "Chicken with....", but then it turns out the meat is only partly chicken. Nine times out of 10 (we are being generous here) it's not proper chicken either, but a chicken meal or generic rubbish like "poultry meal". Even worse, it could be "animal derivatives". We won't feed that stuff to our dogs, and we won't do to yours. When we say "duck" we mean proper fresh duck meat.

Grain free and gluten free

Our food is completely grain and gluten free. We use no wheat, soya or other grains. This is important because a lot of dogs are allergic to grains and react badly to gluten in particular. If your dog has itchy skin there is a good chance allergies are to blame.
Our food is properly hypoallergenic. 

No artifical preservatives or sweeteners

We use no artifical sweeteners or preservatives in our food. Quite apart from the health concerns, they tend to make dogs hyperactive in the way feeding children on junk food and sweets would. Not cool.

Lamb WetYour dog will love the taste of fresh meat

When we see a picky dog we don't think "why is she not eating his food". We think that with a sense of smell a thousand times better than ours she probabaly has a point. Luckily, with Bob & Lush even the fussiest of fusspots normally go crazy. All our food is made with lots of 100% fresh meat, which is not something for any dog to put it's nose up at. 60% duck in our kibble and 70% lamb in our wet. So you can rest assured that your dog will absolutely love it.

Duck Kibble

Foods such as our 60% Fresh Duck Kibble will drive your dog crazy!

Healthy dog treatsYummy treats that are actually healthy

No dog should have to go without healthy and tasty dog treats.  Like our food, all of our delicious dog treats are natural. In fact, they are made with 100% meat and absolutely nothing else! Treats such as Bob & Lush Crunchy Tripe Chews will have your dog drooling for more. Dried until they are crispy, these scrumptious snacks not only taste great, but have the benefit of cleansing your dog's teeth and gums.

Other treat flavours such as ox, duck breast, venison, and antler chew are sure to healthily satisfy your dog. Treat your dog to the best!